Proven Genuine: An Examination Of Suffering In The Book Of Job


Dr. Raul Moreno. – São Paulo Lead Evangelist and World Sector Leader of Central and South America. “Suffering” is the universal equalizer! It does not discriminate with age, gender, race, nationality or social status. Dr. Andrew Smellie, my great friend and fellow missionary, gifts his audience with exceptional insights into this topic by “deglossing” the amazing yet often misunderstood Book of Job! A great read for anyone who has suffered… that is everyone!

Joe Willis. – Sydney Lead Evangelist and World Sector Leader of Austral-China. With real life heroes and relevant stories, the account of Job comes to life. Andrew masterfully expands on the main issues, questions and grievances in man’s heart towards God in Job’s times and our times today. Are you in pain? Read this book. Are you feeling misunderstood? Read this book? Are you finding it hard to understand God’s plan for your life? Read this book. Thank you, Andrew, for daring to address the questions others want to avoid.

John A. Causey III. – Chicago Lead Evangelist and Geographic Sector Leader of the PACK Churches. The principle goal of every book is to fulfill the intention in which it was written. Andrew’s vision to instill spiritual vigor to this generation and the next is emulated in Proven Genuine. It is indeed not only a riveting and provocative study on the life and suffering of Job but provides integral insights on the character of God. His moving personal accounts and profound sparring analogies exhilarate readers to fight for discipleship. I believe Andrew’s testimony and shared conviction is critical for raising up the fighters for the future!

Michael Williamson. – London Lead Evangelist and World Sector Leader of Europe. “Holy through hardship; a fragile emotional state can make us question Biblical truths; and it is when the trials of life come that we must remember the promises of God.” Andrew provides an unlimited colorful array of modern-day proverbs that can instantly bring healing to the most hurting individual. Andrew gives an excellent exposition and perspective for some of life’s most profound questions through an overview study of the Book of Job. Congratulations, my dear brother Andrew, your book is masterful, and a must-read primer for ministry!

Blaise Feumba. – Abidjan Lead Evangelist and Geographic Sector Leader of French Africa. This book is a masterpiece! Great job Andrew and thanks for using your writing skills and profound insights to help all of us to better understand God’s great purposes behind the sufferings he allows us to go through. Your thought-provoking questions throughout this treatise led me to a greater trust of God and his molding of me into a noble vessel to accomplish his purpose in the nations.

Nick Bordieri. – The Phnom Penh MERCY Orphanage Director and World Sector Leader of MERCY. Dr. Andrew Smellie, a dear friend and partner in the gospel, does a marvelous job addressing some of life’s most challenging questions in Proven Genuine. Indeed, Dr. Smellie is one who exemplifies the genuine faith about which he has written. Page after page, you will be called higher as you learn through Job’s trials to suffer with grace, perseverance and integrity.

Helen Sullivan. – Orlando Women’s Ministry Leader and World Sector Leader of Eastern USA and South Asia. In Proven Genuine, Dr. Andrew Smellie masterfully explains the deepest truths of one of the most misunderstood books of the Bible – the Book of Job. The Book of Job is brought to life, as Dr. Smellie weaves in stories from his personal journey, as well as so many inspiring stories from his years of missionary work in the continent of Africa. It is a must read if you want to gain a better understanding of the nature of God and why there is suffering in our world.


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