Paper Tigers: A Christian Woman’s Guide To Overcoming



The COVID-19 Pandemic continues to impact everyone around the globe, most believe for the worse. Yet this lengthy pause in our lives has allowed the gifted author – Lianne S. Kernan – the precious time needed to complete the ground-breaking book: Paper Tigers – A Christian Women’s Guide To Overcoming. I believe this anthology – alongside the growing library of the SoldOut Press International Publishing House – is changing the world… for immediate and everlasting good! Indeed, Lianne so eloquently communicated many spiritual lessons and crucial insights through the Biblical accounts of seven courageous women: Sarah, Rebekah, Rachel, Lot’s Wife, the Bleeding Woman, the Adulterous Woman and Naomi. In each chapter, Lianne vulnerably shared from her life to illustrate the dangers and opportunities in confronting each “Paper Tiger.” Dr. Elena Garcia McKean


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