20/20 Book Two: 20 More Convictions For The Whole Church In 20 Days

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“What is better than 20/20 Book One? It is having both 20/20 Book One and now Book Two. Dr. Tim Kernan, one of my best friends, gives us an insightful 20 new principles to build effective, Christ-centered ministries! The author shares from his personal ministry experience having served all over the world in many roles. I will have all of the church staffs in Central and South America read this amazing book!” Dr. Raul Moreno – Lead Evangelist of the São Paulo ICC and of the Latin America World Sector

“In 20/20 Book Two, Dr. Tim Kernan masterfully weaves together the who, what, where, when, why and how of ministry through his skillful wielding of the Scriptures. Anyone who dares to develop the Biblical convictions outlined in 20/20 Book Two and puts them into practice on a daily basis, will grow into a strong, dynamic and effective Christian leader. They will impact, train and raise up many other leaders who will change the world. I look forward to having the women I influence read 20/20 Book Two! No reader will leave unchanged!” Helen Sullivan – Women’s Ministry Leader of the Miami ICC and of the SAGES World Sector

Deep Biblical insights, illustrations that will be with you for life, and practicals that will impact any ministry. 20/20 Book Two is a must read for anyone aspiring to be used by God! In this book as in his last, Tim humbly hands out the keys to his effectiveness in ministry. I don’t know if we’ll get Book Three, but I’ll be praying for it! Richard Anthony Olmos – Lead Evangelist of the Paris ICC


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