20/20: 20 Leadership Convictions For The Whole Church In 20 Days

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“20/20 is a brilliant masterpiece on Biblical Leadership forged in the fires of Satanic challenges! A must read for every true follower of Jesus!” Dr. Thomas “Kip” McKean

“Dr. Kernan takes the guess-work out of church building and has written arguably one of the BEST practical leadership training books for modern disciples.” Michele Williamson

“My dear friend Tim has done a masterful and brilliant job teaching not only the principles of a Christian Leader but more importantly the heart and love of one!” Cory Blackwell

“This book masterfully discovers powerful biblical leadership concepts and reminds us of others that have either been lost or hidden. I am truly inspired!” Matt Sullivan

“As an older preacher and missionary, I attest that 20/20 is unmatched as a single volume devoted to learning leadership. Put this one in your library and in your heart!” Blaise Feumba

“Tim is one of the most gifted men yet strives to learn from everyone! This is an incredibly practical book—built with God, experience and his life with Lianne.” Elena Sirotkina

“Amazing book! As an older brother and a Shepherd, this book comes at the right time. It will indeed help us to focus on taking care of God’s incredible church.” Tony Untalan

“As a young Women’s Ministry Leader, I found leading was not as easy as I expected it to be! After applying the biblical principles from 20/20, our ministry flourished!” Rebecca Rico

“My dear friend Tim manages a rare feat encapsulating clear, concise and practical ministry principles in order to see this world won for Christ! I simply loved it!” Raul Moreno

“This book is a phenomenal guide for overcoming real ministry challenges! 20/20 is a must read for all who are serious about mastering the ministry!” Kyle Bartholomew

“In a world where weak convictions often hinder spiritual leaders, 20/20 illuminates Jesus’ principles for building the Kingdom of God. Read it and be inspired!” Dr. Andrew Smellie

“As an administrator, 20/20 gives me confidence that we are in good hands and that our ministers are equipped and trained by Bible standards and principles!” Michael Kirchner

“Leadership can be difficult and intimidating, 20/20 provides clear practicals to implement that will not only give you confidence in leadership but also effectiveness.” Joe Willis

“Refined as a missionary and student of the Bible, Tim does a masterful job in explaining effective Biblical leadership principles in this book! Definitely, a must read!” Nick Bordieri


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